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March 13, 2016
Know Thyself, Love Thsyelf, Be Thyself
March 13, 2016

The Weekly Review Diary

The quality of your life is equal to the quality an consistency of the questions you ask. It’s all very well to ask yourself a few quality questions willy-nilly throughout the year, however if you want to continually have a higher quality of life then asking quality questions consistently is what is required. This is where keeping a Weekly Review comes in handy.

A Weekly Review is a block of time you set aside for yourself to take stock of the week just gone, and begin planning for the week ahead. It’s a time to stop all your work/tasks/to-do lists, and take a look at what you’ve actually done with your week, how it’s gone, how you feel about it and where you wish to go in the week ahead.

In even simpler terms, it’s a set of questions you take the time to answer each week to ensure you’re tracking your progress.

The specifics answers to these questions will obviously change for each individual, but the concepts remain the same. Many of the articles about Weekly Reviews focus on the planning phase, emphasising how it’s a time to get really clear on where you’re heading in the week ahead. Which is an excellent point. However, the method we’ll be touching on here focuses more on the first half of the equation. The KEEPING STOCK phase.

Imagine at the end of the year being able to look back on your year gone and know EXACTLY what you did each week. Knowing precisely what were the biggest wins you had were, and having a visual and written account of it all to look back on and appreciate. Keeping a Weekly Review Diary will give you the ability to do just that.

Most of us, when asked “what were the highlights for you this year?”- Will have/only be able to recall those things that stand out vividly in our memory. Maybe a holiday we went on, a promotion we got, one or two big goals we hit. We tend to forget about all the little wins we had each week. And if you’re like most people, then you find it EVEN EASIER to recall all the negatives that happened to you during the year. The person that did you wrong, how your boss is such an asshole, how you had that accident, how you didn’t quite hit your standards in x, y and z.

Most of techniques and habits I’ve developed, utilized and encourage are specifically designed to bring about a more optimistic, more appreciative, more grateful and ultimately a more effective attitude, and approach to life. The Weekly Review is no exception. Everyone who consistently keeps a Weekly Review Diary will develop these qualities and more, reap the benefits of doing so and see more results in their life.

Here’s the basic outline of what The Flow Zone Weekly Review Diary looks like



Weekly Review Template – Today’s Date


What changed for you last week? A simple and brief summary of how your week was different. A paragraph or two is enough to include here.

What are your top 5 successes last week?A summary of your top five wins for the week. It’s important to keep this to five maximum. Some weeks you will have 10 or more big wins, the process of choosing your top 5 wins will help you highlight what is most important and exciting for you. Getting you more in touch with your highest values and priorities.

* Choosing your top 5 wins for the week will be extremely difficult and arbitrary unless you are keeping track of your daily wins (as in the Daily Success Diary.) Whereas choosing your top 5 wins for the week from your extensive list of wins in our Daily Success Diary is a much easier and more accurate process.

What did you most enjoy last week? This is quite an important question to tune into. Sometimes we may find that what we most enjoyed may not even be one of our top five successes. The answers to this question will help us to embody the concept of “living/following our bliss.”

What could you do better next week to improve upon last week’s efforts? This is one of the most important aspects of the review to focus on as it contains some of the most practical and useful advice for how to take your game/life to the next level.



1) Health (spiritual/mental/physical) – ?/20

2) Wealth (physical/spiritual/mental) – ?/20

3) Goals/Productivity (writing/loose ends/money) – ?/20

4) Relationships (family/social/work) – ?/20

5) Lifestyle (living my values/x factor) – ?/20

= ??/100 – Include your total score out of 100 for how well you fared collectively in each of the different areas of your life. You can record a brief sentence about your score here if you wish


What are your top 3 priorities for the week ahead? – Include your highest 3 priorities for the week about to start

Feeling: A few words describing how your emotional state is currently at time of writing. ho you feel about your week




That’s it. Nothing overly extravagant or complicated. The above is a basic outline which I’ve used for years. And suggest you use something similar. You can copy and paste as is if you wish. But I always encourage you to make it your own by editing the questions and elements so that it is most effective for you.


Make sure to include AT LEAST the following elements.

– 4-8 Questions that let you focus on the WINS you’ve had over the past week

– Pictures (and Video or Music if you wish) – Great for reviewing at the end of the year/quarter

– An honest assessment of how your week was to you – a quick synopsis of how your week went both practically (externally) as well as internally

– A question regarding the future/week ahead. Turning your focus to what you’d like to have happen in the future

* Include a Priorities List for the week ahead. It will help solidify an action plan in regards to “how I could do better next week”


Some things to keep in mind:

* Don’t spend too much time on it. ust enough that you get a real sense of where you’re at. 10-15 minutes is plenty

* Be honest with yourself. The more honest, open and raw you are the better – self deception is the root of all the world’s problems. Both on an individual and a global level. And knowing thyself is one of the greatest attributes one can develop.

* Make it habitual and fill it out at the same time each week – Have a template which you simply fill out. For example build a template which has a year of Weekly Reviews laid out ready to fill out. Completing it every Sunday night or Monday morning

* Do it EVERY week – if you miss a week or two, which is bound to happen, quickly get back on the wagon, don’t let weeks turn into months without doing it. Having an accountability buddy or publicising it in a blog or somewhere can help with this

* Include pictures and photos. Remembering those moments are so much nicer and more powerful when you’ve got physical photos and images you can see and touch.

* Keep up to date! soon as you miss one week it’s so easy to miss another. So simply make this the ONE thing you MUST DO each week. Again, having a Sunday or Monday ritual works well here


What you can do is simply create a word/text document with your template in it and simply mark the weeks down – whatever day you choose to do it on is up to you, just make sure it’s the same day each week. Having Week 1 – all the way through to week 52. This way all you have to do on your chosen day is open the doc. And fill in the blanks. Simple.

Just like keeping a Success Diary, keeping a Weekly Review Diary actually makes you WANT to lead a successful, interesting and fun filled life. Because you know you’ll be writing about it and tracking it at the end of the week. You’ll get this feeling of “I better make this interesting.” You can quickly tell when you’re resting on your laurels or staying too far inside your comfort zone and playing it safe by looking at your Weekly Reviews and checking in on your Biggest Wins for the Week. As the year progresses you’ll know whether you’ve been playing at your best level or not. And if not, it’s easy to step it up and tackle those big goals, dig deep to realize those big dreams and really take the actions you know you must take to create a life you’re totally proud to write about at the end of the week.

I’ve found that having the two – both the Success Diary and the Weekly Review Diary – go hand-in-hand. They’re almost inseparable for me. In order to fully remember and fill out my Weekly Review efficiently and accurately, I simply refer to the Success Diary. All I have to do is scan my Success Diary for that week and I can quickly assess which were my biggest wins. A lot of times I’ve had some amazing wins on a Monday or a Tuesday which I’ve totally forgotten about by the end of the week. So you can see how invaluable it is to keep both and use them in tandem.

Imagine again being able to see yourself at the end of the year, looking back and remembering PRECISELY what your biggest wins were for the year. By keeping the Weekly Review Diary and Daily Success Diary you’ll not only be able to tell what your wins were, but WHEN they were, down to the EXACT day and the details. You’ll even have pictures of them so you can fully relive and recognize those moments. This alone has to be one of the best parts of keeping the Weekly Review Diary. The end of year/quarter review stage. That time when you get to look back and see all the awesome action you’ve taken and feel absolute appreciation for yourself and the gratitude it fills you with for all the amazing opportunities you’ve had over the course of the year. It really does give you a genuine self esteem boost, fill you with gratitude and keeps you looking to grow ever stronger.

A reminder for anyone looking to start keeping a Weekly Review Diary is to have a really strong focus on the “What can I do better next week to improve my results?” section. The golden advice that your own subconscious mind will bring forth is one of the most valuable resources and best guides/mentors you have. Utilize it by really focusing on taken the actions suggested within your answers to this weekly question.


A quick recap.

– A Weekly Review Diary is a weekly recap of your week

– Time set aside specifically for you to take stock of your week (not to DO more work)

– Benefits include more: optimism, gratitude, appreciation, and effectiveness

– Consistent tracking of your wins will create a desire to win more and win bigger

– Don’t complicate and convolute. Simplify and streamline

– Do it EVERY WEEK for best results

– Include pictures, photos, images

– If you do miss a week or two get back on wagon quickly

– Pre-fill your entire year at the beginning of year with your template (so all you have to do is fill in the blanks)

– Work in tandem with your Daily Success Diary

– Take stock and enjoy the fruits with a Yearly Review. Feel the gratitude, appreciation and sense you get to make the next year even more amazing than the previous one.




Some actions you can take right now

– Share you wins from this week/today in the comments.

– Write out your own Weekly Review template right now

– Set yourself a challenge to keep a Weekly Review Diary for x amount of months

– Share your Weekly Review Diary with others (send it to me if you like)

– Share any questions, comments or insights in the comments.


– Zulu Flowzion

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