Increase Your Optimism – Keep a Daily Success Diary

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March 13, 2016
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March 13, 2016

Increase Your Optimism – Keep a Daily Success Diary

The Daily Success Diary

In this article we’ll be covering 

– What is a Daily Success Diary (DSD)

– Why would you want to keep a DSD

– The 5 major benefits of keeping a DSD

– An example of what a DSD will look like


What is it?

A Daily Success Diary is a daily updated record of all of our wins and the benefits of those wins. It’s also a way to retrain our minds to be focused on the all the positives in our lives. With all the massive amounts of negativity in the media

– A record of your daily wins, and the benefits of those wins

– A way to retrain the mind to focus on positives

– A system to develop and maintain a state of gratitude

– A way to increase optimism and become optimistic

– A way to keep record of and document all your successes


Why would you want to keep one?

– To train the brain to look for the positives

– To increase optimism

– So you don’t have to think about what was awesome about your past. It’s there in writing

– An easy way to recall your actions and help fill out your Weekly Review

– To increase the DRIVE to WANT to create more success in your life


How to go about it?

1 – At the end of the day (or start of the next day) write down all your wins/successes, whether large or small and next to each one write down a list of ways those wins benefit you or others.

An example

Small win
Win – I smiled at a stranger today and they smiled back. Benefits: 1 – I may have made someone’s day. 2 – Makes me feel good when I smile at people. 3 – Spreads positivity in the world. 4 – Made the rest of my day easier. 5 – Increases my energy levels. 6 – Brightened my day


Large win
Win – Got a $50k pay rise at work.

Benefits – Gives me more freedom. – Makes me feel respected and valued by my employer. – Allows me to save more. – Puts me in a good mood. – Can pay my car off. – Shows that my self worth has risen. – My hard work has been noticed and rewarded. – Inspires me to keep going. – Sets the standard at work. – Inspires my co-workers


2 – Continue listing all your wins, and the benefits of each from your day. 


Things to keep in mind.

The most important part of the DSD is to ensure you’re the ‘listing the benefits’. Make sure you write an extensive a list as possible for each win. This will ensure that you want to continue doing things that make you feel successful

Ultimately, keeping a regular DSD will help you increase your optimism, and allow you to have greater gratitude and joy in your life. After even just a week of keeping a DSD you’ll start to see changes in your attitude and outlook on life. You’ll start to notice the beauty in the simple things more and your happiness and luck levels will increase. After a month or more of keeping a DSD you’ll start noticing you wanting to be, grow, contribute and give more. And after many months and longer of continual DSD keeping you’ll start noticing you’re realizing more and more of your full potential.

A Challenge

I highly recommend starting one today and setting yourself a challenge to keep up with it for 7 days. Once you’ve achieved 7 days in a row, increase the challenge to 30 days. Report back in the comments below if you’ve taken up this challenge. I’d love to hear from you :)

With Love

– Zulu Flow Zion

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