How to Develop More Grit, Determination and Persistence

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How to Develop More Grit, Determination and Persistence

How to Develop More Grit, Determination and Persistence

“Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.” ~ Meister Eckhart

Grit is consistently voted the number one most important trait amongst the world’s highest achievers. The results of numerous studies conducted with the highest achievers in the world show that grit, determination and persistence are the most common traits that high achievers have and see as most important to their success.

The ability to keep going when facing defeat and adversity. The ability to never say die, even when you feel like dying would be the easier option. The ability to say “F*&% You! to any and all forms of resistance. This is what sets the great apart from the good. The winners from the losers. The victims from the victors.

Grit, is not something that we’re born with. These traits are learnable. Below are some simple principles and steps that will help you develop more grit. If developing more determination and reaping the benefits of doing so interest you at all then read on.


Step 1 – Have a DEFINITE PURPOSE, backed by a Burning Desire to fulfil that purpose

It’s so easy to give up when you don’t really know exactly what it is you want nor why you want it. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so important to get clear on precisely what your intention is. Someone who hasn’t made a solid and definite decision as to where they’re headed will be easily lead astray. Whereas when we know exactly where we’re going it will be far more difficult for us to be thrown off our course.

When we make a definite decision that we’re going to achieve any particular end, the universe begins bending and aligning us with making this end a reality. The greater the conviction of our intention the more energy and speed the universe acts with. This is why it’s true that the most successful people make up their mind’s quickly and change their mind’s slowly, while the most unsuccessful people do the exact opposite.

Knowing specifically what we want in great detail and having a strong and definite intention is the first and most important step in creating anything in life. However, in order for us to overcome challenges, stay on course and to persist with our efforts under the inevitable challenge, stress or duress this intention must be coupled with a burning desire to achieve our purpose. We can’t just kind of want it, we have to REALLY want it. In the great words of Eric Thomas “we have to want it as bad as we would want air if somewhere were holding down our head submerged completely under water until we were gasping for breath.” We have to summon that same type of strength and desire that would surge through us if we were completely running out of air.

Combining a strong and definite purpose with a burning desire is a magical combination. And in and of itself this can be enough to bring about some amazing results.


Step 2 – Having a Definite ACTION PLAN, to achieve your purpose

When we fail to plan we plan to fail. Knowing what we want and having a plan to get there is a great start if we want to achieve anything. However, until we have a definite written plan of action our intention can remain a pipe dream. Formulating a plan and committing it to paper does a couple of things. Firstly, it solidifies our intention and makes it more real and tangible, secondly it kick starts the manifestation process. When we commit an intention to paper and formulate a plan for its fulfilment we’re essentially making a statement to the universe that “thine will be done.” That we are serious enough about this endeavour to put an action plan in place for its achievement.

Completing these two steps alone put us in the higher echelon of people. Most people have very little to no idea what their intention is, and of the ones that do have an idea even less will be able to tell you how they plan on doing it.


Once you have the first two steps down you’re well set. However there is two more steps to implement if developing perseverance, grit and determination is your goal.


Step 3 – Have a CLOSED MIND, to all negative influences

Secure the gates of your mind and completely shut it off to all negative influences. Both from external sources as well as all internal negativity such as self-doubt, statements like “I can’t” “I’m not good enough” “I don’t deserve” “Nobody will listen to me” and so on. We have to be deaf and blind to anyone or anything that tells us that we “can’t”. Whether that’s other people saying these things or ourselves.

The only difference between not getting the job done and getting it done is that we talk our our of it in the former and into it in the latter. Develop the habit of talking yourself into things that are aligned with your intention and will stretch your comfort zone and be slightly (or highly) uncomfortable as opposed to talking yourself out of them.

Being on guard and hyper alert for any negative influence, spot it early and eliminate it instantly. Do not let it into your mind at all. Whether it’s distractions, peer pressure, parental dogma, escapism, bodily impulsions or compulsions, cravings, fear, or anxieties. We must not let any of these sway us from our intention or our plan.

Get the above three steps down and you’ll find yourself much more likely to stick with things. To take things next level implement the next step.


Step 4 – Get SUPPORT, from one or more people

To persevere and to embody the trait of grit is a rare act. As such it is arguably a small act of greatness. As we know, nothing great was ever achieved alone. So ensure you enlist a cheer squad of at least one person that you like, love and/or respect who is invested in you succeeding at whatever your definitely chosen purpose is. If you don’t like, love or respect the person enough it’s likely you won’t care enough to follow through on your intention or plans. However if you do, then the likelihood that you will put in some effort, or extra effort is greater. The more you respect, like or love the person, the more likely it is that you’ll wish to impress them and do them proud.

Okay, that right there is the four step formula for developing more grit, determination and persistence. Develop these three traits and watch your success skyrocket. Having more grit will give you the ability to and increasing the likelihood that you will keep going in the face of adversity.


Actions you can take right now to implement this idea

– Think of one outcome you’d like to achieve. Write down what it is, being as specific as possible. Apply the rest of the steps to this intention. Writing down your specific action plan, ways that you can guard against negative influences. And now write some names of people you love, admire and respect who you can enlist in your support team.

– Share your plans in the comments. Better yet, report back once you’ve implemented these steps and let us know how you went

Practice The Flow Zone Gratitude Neigong Set – I’ll always recommend this as I feel it’s an incredibly efficient and direct way to develop perseverance , determination, will power, and grit. The tree pose alone is enough to help you get used to being in uncomfortable or stressful positions. Sitting with this feeling of discomfort and easing into it and allowing it to pass definitely helps us develop more discipline and grit.

– Zulu Flow Zion

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Zulu Flow Zion is a mindfulness and peak performance coach, qigong instructor and advanced clearing practitioner who is on a mission to bring mindfulness to the world. Specialising in peak performance, internal energy cultivation and working with athletes. His dream is to inspire 500 million people to take up a daily mindfulness practice. When he’s not having fun with his two young children or writing he’s traveling the world spreading his message of a more mindful world and running workshops and events. You can visit his blog at and follow him on instagram

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