The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness Podcastfeat Zulu Flow Zion

June 16, 2016
Integrating Mindfulness Into Everyday Life
September 14, 2016

The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness Podcastfeat Zulu Flow Zion

The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness Podcast. Feat Zulu Flow Zion

Earlier this week I was honoured to be a guest/host on this podcast with Sifu Paul Boggie Brighton, Ethan Collins and Michelle Infinity – We discussed many topics. Speaking on everything from speeding up consciousness to create stillness, to sharing a fair bit about my past and how I begun my journey to pursuing the healing arts. And share loads of principles and riff on our many ideas and insights around mindfulness also. Click the video above and enjoy the episode


– Zulu Flow Zion

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Zulu Flow Zion is a mindfulness and peak performance coach, qigong instructor and advanced clearing practitioner who is on a mission to bring mindfulness to the world. Specialising in peak performance, internal energy cultivation and working with athletes. His dream is to inspire 500 million people to take up a daily mindfulness practice. When he’s not having fun with his two young children or writing he’s traveling the world spreading his message of a more mindful world and running workshops and events. You can visit his blog at and follow him on instagram

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