June 25, 2018

LLITFZ Podcast #35 – Tumi: Melbourne, Life, Hip Hop, Poetry, Films and Freestyle

Tumi is a Motswana poet and rapper who began his creative journey as a teenager, after seeing his first rap cipher.  Captivated by the sound syncopated speech over a fat beat, he wrestled a pen to an empty page and turned churning thoughts to rhyming verse.  Tumi’s style is a vibrant blend of poetry and rap, which he uses to share abstract ideas, as well as real life experiences.  Since moving to Melbourne in 2014 his love of hip hop/poetry has taken him from hip hop open mic nights (Horse Bazaar, Whole Lotta Love), to poetry slams (Slammalamma Ding Dong, Voices in the Attic) and park ciphers where he has schooled and been schooled by Burn City’s finest. Tumi the Be –  You can find Tumi at the following links @Be_Tumi Twitter – https://twitter.com/Be_Tumi Triple J Unearthed – https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/tumi-be
June 12, 2018

LLITFZ Podcast #36 – Adam Roa: Giving Yourself Permission to Think Freely

Adam Roa is an internationally touring spoken word artist, motivational speaker, personal development coach, and conscious filmmaker. He joins me in this episode to Flow jam on all things creativity, quantum, manifestation, art, poetry, conscious attunement, mental health, magick, mature masculinity, the Slinky Effect and the current state of society. He also blesses us with some of his amazing poetry and core teachings he shares in his Live Show. You can check out his work on the following links – https://www.adamroa.com/ – Homepage – https://www.adamroa.com/tickets/ – Tickets to upcoming shows – https://www.adamroa.com/podcasts/ – Deep Dive Podcast – https://www.instagram.com/adam.roa – Instagram


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