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The Flow Zone is a combination of coaching services offered by qigong instructor and mindful peak performance coach Zulu Flow Zion.

My entire youth I was passed around from home to home, kind of like the parcel in the game pass the parcel. I moved homes, families and schools more times than I can count, experiencing all the disruption, pain and feelings of unworthiness that come with that. I experienced the loss of many people who were close to me and spent years deep in anxiety, depression and self-destruction.

During this time my Qigong practise and my obsession with mastery kept me going. I was particularly obsessed with mastering rap and being a great coach. I met the mother of my children, and even though I had my health and a beautiful family, my self-doubt, anxiety, depression, feelings of unworthiness were at an all-time high. After losing my brother to depression I ended up sabotaging my relationship, delving into sex, drugs and escapism. Pretty soon | was alone, strung out, in the worst shape of my life. I was burning bridges left right and center, and was facing the very real prospect of never seeing my children again.

I made a decision to turn my life around; to gather up my years of knowledge and experience in mindfulness, coaching, meditation, peak performance and Flow. After taking some courses to add extra tools to my belt, I embarked on my mission to inspire people worldwide to take up a daily mindfulness practice. My vision is a world where everyone is living life on purpose whilst fulfilling their highest potential. And this is why I created The Flow Zone. I share my story to demonstrate that you don't have to be ruled by your past; with some work you can turn it around. This is the work I'm dedicated to. Having experienced the benefits of this flow and presence for myself, I want it for you too.

My clients are leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes who are close to the top of their game; who are ready to break through their unconscious limitations and make a massive impact on the world. The world needs leaders who are growth artists, continually pushing the limits in order to change the game and deliver us from mediocrity. Supporting these leaders to achieve new heights of impact is my highest joy.

If you’d like to learn more about my coaching, including the Spiral clearing programs (which literally clear away decades of conditioned limitations over a course of eight sessions) or any of my other coaching and qi qong programs, click the link below to book a 20 minute clarity call which will help us assess where you are in your journey and whether there’s a fit for us to work together to take you to where you’d love to be.

With love and presence, ~ Zulu Flow Zion

The Ancient Arts of Meditation.

Having practiced various forms of qigong and meditation for the past 20 years, Zulu brings together his unique skill-set using these ancient arts, specifically neigong and qigong (standing and movement based meditation/energy practices) to connect clients more with the present moment and their highest self so that they’re integrated fully mind, body and soul.

Combined with modern coaching, peak performance, habit building and manifestation techniques to bring about holistic change and transformation from within.

Achieve with Conscious Manifestation.

With over nine years experience practicing, applying and teaching conscious manifestation, meditation and peak performance and having helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. People worldwide have taken the techniques he shares and used them to live more meaningful lives, filled with more mindfulness, effectiveness and fulfilment. Zulu offers a range of services that will help anyone looking to get better results in their lives.

"I'm here to facilitate the realisation of human potential. My mission is to inspire millions of people worldwide to be their elite selves and to implement a daily mindfulness practice into their lives. I naturally see the highest possibility for people work with them to own and embody their true potential in the world."

Zulu has formulated unique live workshops, works one on one online and in person and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, athletes and peak performers worldwide achieve epic results and lasting change. From increasing KPIs for professional sports people and business owners, to physical healing, overcoming insomnia, lessening anxiety, stress and depression. Those working with Zulu report increased energy and vitality, more awareness in every day activities, greater intuition, mental clarity and increased happiness and Flow

This is what people are saying about working with Zulu...

Nathan Chan

Founder Publisher and Editor - Foundr Magazine

"Zulu is an amazing human being.
Many years ago, I was lucky to have been mentored by him, he helped me learn about what it takes to play life at an extremely high level. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from him - spiritually, personal growth or just to hang out and learn from him it will change your world!"

Heritier Lumumba

Melbourne Demons Football Club

"After only one month of training with Zulu I experience new levels of composure, peace and inspiration. I happily recommend Zulu and The Flow Zone services to anyone wanting to take their lives to a new level."

Katy Surya

Creative director, producer, writer at Katy Surya

“The Flow Zone has really given me a platform to improve myself and attitude towards life. The Seven Week Challenge that Zulu runs, changed my life, I find myself now more focused, self-disciplined and I'm living my values much more wholeheartedly"

Matthew Kennedy

Head Chef/Partner at Uncommon

"The principles and techniques I’ve learned from The Flow Zone have been life changing. With the high standards that my job demands it's hard not to lose focus. But having training and support from Zulu that's so personal to reassure my goals, I have been able to achieve a sustained success and will use that to build for the future in life and work."

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