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Empowerment Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Creatives - The Flow Zone is a combination of coaching services offered by qigong instructor and empowerment coach Zulu Flow Zion.

"I'm more than a coach, or qigong instructor, I'm building an entire mindfulness movement and see a world where people having a daily internal /mindfulness practice is as commonplace as learning math in school.

I see 'literacy' being measured by how well we know the present moment and how lovingly kind we are."

Combining his background in coaching, lifestyle design, and mindfulness Zulu specializes in combining ancient mindfulness and energy cultivation practices with modern coaching and universal principles to help people perform at their peak and be in The Flow Zone more often.

He runs online coaching programs and teach qigong and neigong in person. He is also a Spiral practitioner, and

Conceived in Far North Queensland, Australia. Before being born in Jamaica where I lived with my single mother and older sister for a couple of years.

I was left in Jamaica with some kind and caring friends my mother had made. Whilst my mother (along with my sister) had to leave and go back to New Zealand to sort out immigration papers.

She was not permitted to take me as i didn't have any travel documents and there was no means for me to get any.

A year and half later she finally came back to collect me, and take me away from this family I had grown to love as my own.

I got used to spending the early part of my life passed around from home to home. I’ve felt abandoned, unwanted, unworthy of love and super independent most of my youth.

Fast forward to 2010 and at the age 25.

I was deep in the midst of anxiety, depression and was slowly and surely self destructing. Physically and mentally abusing myself.

My best friend had recently committed suicide and I was in the worst place of my life.

I was pretending to enjoy myself. But was wasting my life away. Partying, getting high and indulging in escapism every opportunity I got.

During this time I met a beautiful woman, settled down a land we soon had two beautiful children.

Even though I had my health, two beautiful children, I was strong and fit. Self employed and had a great social life.

Feelings self doubt, anxiety, depression, feelings of unworthiness and unhappiness were crazy high!

Then in the summer of 2014 came the straw that broke the camel’s back.

My younger brother – who was also my favourite human in the world – committed suicide.

In EXACTLY the same fashion that my best friend had 4 years prior. (By throwing themselves in front of a speeding train.)

This sent me into a downward spiral.

I proceeded to derail anything positive I had built up until that point.

Which admittedly wasn’t ALL that much. My music and coaching career, and my lovely little family were about it.

I ended up sabotaging my relationship. And delved deeper into drugs, women and escapism of all varieties.

Pretty soon I was alone, strung out, in the worst shape of my life.

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually cooked.

I burnt bridges left right and center.

And was facing the very real prospect of never seeing my children again.

As I woke up on the floor one morning, hung over and naked not knowing where I was, let alone who I’d just slept with.

I started looking over some photos of me and my kids.

And watched the song and video I had made for my little brother after his death. (contact me if you’d like to watch it. It's still unreleased)

I realised then that I HAD to change my situation.

I made a decision in that moment to turn my life around once and for all.

I got up and did my meditation practice. Qi gong

And decided in that moment to gather up my years of knowledge and experience. Ranging from mindfulness to coaching, meditation, peak performance and healing work.

Went and undertook some extra courses to add some extra tools to my belt.

And committed to getting clear on my vision and mission.

Which is to inspire a billion people worldwide to take up a daily mindfulness practice.

Without a dedicated mindfulness practice I’d for sure have not have made it this far alive.

Many who have known me for most of my life have stated that I'd done incredibly well to not already be dead or in jail.

The decision I had to make was to let go of any stories I had bought into about how my life would go.

And to take full responsibility for how I want my life to be.

Which is to live an empowered and charged life. Full of flow, love, growth and generosity.

I’ve since dedicated my life to helping make real the vision I have in my mind. A world where daily meditation and mindfulness practice is a given.

A world where people are living with purpose and fulfilling their highest potential.

And this is why I created The Flow Zone.

To work with and inspire as many people as I can to do exactly that.

I now work with inspired and elite people every single day. Helping them clear their mental blocks. Own their own greatness. Unlock their full potential and live their dream lives.

I do this through a combining empowerment coaching, emotional clearing and mindfulness. Am also combining biofeedback and mindfulness which is having incredible results.

I do what I love and love what I do.

So yeah. That's a little about me.

But please remember. I'm not special at all.

No matter where you came from or what you’ve been through.

You can ALWAYS take full responsibility for your life.

Your past baggage and experiences need not define you.

I’ve done (and continue to do) countless hours of personal development. Coaching, clearing, meditation, gratitude, qigong, contemplation, affirmation, healing, tantra, body work and such.

At the core of all this work is a common theme.

A simple and profound message.

Be here now.

Be present.

The more present we are, the more purpose we have.

Mindfulness = Purpose

This is my core transmission


PS: In regards to the depressive stuff, I’ve found that the more time you have to focus on yourself. In a worrying sense.

Like comparing yourself with others, or comparing your current situation to a fantasy or delusion in your head of how life ‘should/ought’ to be.

The less present you become.

And the more time you spend in the present moment.

The less time you have to spend focused on the past or worried about the future.

This continual 'returning to the present moment' has been an absolute life saver for me. And has rid me of high level, deep suicidal thoughts and depression and anxiety.

And is a major reason why I share these principles and methods.

Because I KNOW first hand how hard that shit is!

And I know how much this stuff helps.

Thanks for reading


The Ancient Arts of Meditation.

Having practiced various forms of qigong and meditation for the past 12 years, Zulu brings together his unique skill-set using these ancient arts, specifically neigong and qigong (standing and movement based meditation/energy practices) to connect people more with the moment and their highest self so that they’re integrated fully mind, body and soul.
Combined with modern coaching, peak performance, habit building and manifestation techniques to bring about holistic change and transformation from within.

Achieve with Conscious Manifestation.

With over nine years experience practicing, applying and teaching conscious manifestation, meditation and peak performance and having helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. People worldwide have taken the techniques he shares and used them to live more meaningful lives, filled with more mindfulness, effectiveness and fulfilment. Zulu offers a range of services that will help anyone looking to get better results in their lives.

"I'm here to facilitate the realisation of human potential. My vision is to inspire millions of people worldwide to be their elite selves. And to implement a daily practice into their lives. I naturally see the highest potential in people and help them to see that in themselves and work with them to realize that potential in the world."


Zulu has formulated unique workshops and online programs and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, athlete sand peak performers all over the world, all who have had amazing and wide ranging results. From increasing KPIs for professional sports people and business owners, to physical healing, overcoming insomnia, lessening anxiety, stress and depression. Those working with Zulu report increased energy and vitality, more awareness in every day activities, greater intuition, optimism, strength, mental clarity and happiness levels.

This is what people are saying about working with Zulu...

Heritier Lumumba

Melbourne Demons Football Club

"After only one month of training with Zulu I experience new levels of composure, peace and inspiration. I happily recommend Zulu and The Flow Zone services to anyone wanting to take their lives to a new level."

Nathan Chan

Founder Publisher and Editor - Foundr Magazine

"Zulu is an amazing human being.
Many years ago, I was lucky to have been mentored by him, he helped me learn about what it takes to play life at an extremely high level. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from him - spiritually, personal growth or just to hang out and learn from him it will change your world!"

Katy Surya

Creative director, producer, writer at Katy Surya

“The Flow Zone has really given me a platform to improve myself and attitude towards life. The Seven Week Challenge that Zulu runs, changed my life, I find myself now more focused, self-disciplined and I'm living my values much more wholeheartedly"

Matthew Kennedy

Head Chef/Partner at Uncommon

"The principles and techniques I’ve learned from The Flow Zone have been life changing. With the high standards that my job demands it's hard not to lose focus. But having training and support from Zulu that's so personal to reassure my goals, I have been able to achieve a sustained success and will use that to build for the future in life and work."

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